Winter Squash


Empty Grid
Grid Winter Squash
Type Plant
Name Winter Squash
ID Name harvestcraft:wintersquashitem
Stackable Yes (64)
Restore 1 (Half Hunger.png)
Category Vegetable

Winter Squashes are Vegetable that can be obtained as drops from from Windy Gardens. (In earlier versions, they dropped from Gourd Gardens.) When eaten, it restores 1 hunger point (or 0.5 drumsticks).

In real life, winter squashes are gourds that may be used both as food and decoration.

Farming Edit

Placing a Winter Squash in the crafting grid gives you a Winter Squash Seed. Alternative, seeds can be purchased from the Market.

Crafting GUI.png
Shapeless Recipe Icon
Winter Squash
Winter Squash Seed

To farm the Winter Squash, plant and grow the seeds (or the squash itself) on tilled soil. Once they're fully grown, right-clicking the plant will yield 1-3 Winter Squash and allow it to regrow.

Usage Edit

Winter Squash may be used in any recipe which calls for a Vegetable. Additionally, it is required in the following recipes: