Block FishTrap 1.7.10j

The Water Trap is a machine used to catch fish without using a fishing rod.

The Fish Trap was renamed to Water Trap in version 1.10.

Crafting Edit

Recipe FishTrap 1.7

To make a Water Trap , put 4 sticks in the 4 corners of a crafting bench, and a fishing rod top center. Put a chest in the center, and fill the remaining 3 blocks with string.

Use Edit

The water trap works similarly to the apiary.

Place the crafted trap into a pool of at least 1 deep water touching five water blocks with the top exposed to air. Right-click on the trap and place the Fish Bait  into the slot on the left side of the gui. Over time, both vanilla and Harvestcraft fish will accumulate in the trap in the slots on the right. Each piece of bait placed in the trap will yield one fish approximately every 2.5 minutes.

Image FishTrapGUI 1.7.10j-0

A Harvestcraft Fish Trap. On the left is the slot for fish trap bait, and on the right is where trapped fish and seafood are found. Currently in this trap are (from top to bottom, left column to right column) : 1 Snail, 1 Charr, 1 Bass, 2 vanilla Minecraft Fish, 1 Crab, 1 Mudfish.


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