Vanilla Tree

Vanilla Tree

Vanilla is a tree growing spice.


There are three ways to farm Vanilla. The first way is to find a naturally generated a Vanilla tree in a swamp biome and use it to farm Vanilla by waiting for the Vanilla Bean to ripen, then harvesting.  The second way is to combine three Vanilla Beans with a sapling and plant it.The last way is to purchase a Vanilla Sapling from The Market.

When ripe, they break with a single punch and an unripe bean reappears when the Vanilla Bean drops.




Smelt Vanilla Beans in a Furnace to get Vanilla for crafting.


Smelted Vanilla Beans can be used with other ingredients to create Brownie , Candied Walnuts , Raspberry Trifle , Poached Pear , Vanilla Ice Cream , and Vanilla Yogurt

1.11.2 - Place Vanilla bean and bakeware on crafting table to make Vanilla

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