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    HarvestCraft Adoption

    January 15, 2017 by MegNMoo

    Hi All,

    The past couple weeks have shown higher than usual vandalism of our beloved HarvestCraft Wiki. The admin for this site has not had a contribution on this site since July 2013. There are pages that need deleted and other maintenance that needs done. 

    I would like to petition to adopt HarvestCraft Wiki as an admin from Wikia. I am notifying all of you other Pam's lovers that I am interested in this position. I have reached out to the current admin (Kirajayne98) to see if they could add me as an admin to remove the vandalism and false pages. I will petition in a week (per the guidelines) from Wikia and hopefully resolve the issues.

    Feel free to contact me about this request. :)

    Love, MegNMoo

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