In version 1.1 of HarvestCraft, tooltips were added to give hints about the hunger restore and saturation values of each food item. They are similar to those found in the Hunger Overhaul mod, and are used with the permission of that mods author.

Food RestoreEdit

Each food point equals ½ of a hunger bar icon. A light meal, for example, could restore anywhere from just over 1 icon to 2½ icons. This can actually appear to restore slightly more on occasion because the hunger bar display rounds off your actual hunger value.

Food Points Hint

1 or less


Up to 2


Up to 5

Light Meal

Up to 8


Up to 11

Large Meal

More than 11



Saturation does not have a visible display for the player. The hint is based on how much saturation the food restores, compared to how many food points it restores. 

Saturation Points Hint
Less than 0 Unfulfilling
0 (no hint)
More than 0 Nourishing
Double or more Wholesome
Triple or more Hearty