Tomatoes are re-growth vegetables obtainable in HarvestCraft first by destroying grass(Provided you have that enabled in the Config, this is disabled by default), allowing their seeds to drop. Tomatoes can also be obtained from breaking a Shaded garden.


Tomato Growth Stages

The growth stages of the tomato crop.

After obtaining tomato seeds, the player can then plant them on farmland. Once the tomato plant has grown, the player can right-click on the bush to have a tomato added to their inventory, the bush will then go back one stage of growth, allowing another tomato to grow and be harvested at a later time.

Tomato seeds can also be gained by putting a tomato into a crafting grid.


Tomatoes can be used in many recipes to create foods, here is a table of the foods and how to create them:

Item Ingredients Recipe
BLT Cooked Porkchop or Firm Tofu + Lettuce + Tomato + Toast + Cutting Board
Tomatoes to BLT
Chicken Parmesan Cheese + TomatoCooked Chicken or Firm TofuBakeware
Tomatoes to Chicken Parmasan
Deluxe Cheeseburger Tomato + Lettuce + Cheeseburger
Tomatoes to Deluxe Cheeseburger
Eggplant Parmesan Eggplant + Tomato + Pasta + Cheese + Bakeware + Mixing Bowl
Tomatoes to Eggplant Parm
Footlong Cutting Board + Bread + Steak or Cooked Porkchop or Cooked Chicken + Lettuce + Tomato + Mayo
Tomatoes to Footlong
Garden Soup Pot + Mixing Bowl + any Vegetable x2 + Stock
Tomatoes to Garden Soup
Guacamole Cutting Board + Mixing Bowl + Avocado + Spiceleaf + Chili Pepper + Onion + Tomato
Tomatoes to Guacamole
Ketchup Tomato + Juicer
Tomatoes to Ketchup
Mixed Salad Cutting Board + Mixing Bowl + any Vegetable x2 + Salad Dressing
Tomatoes to Mixed Salad
Pizza Bakeware + Dough + Tomato + Cheese + Raw Porkchop or Firm Tofu
Tomatoes to Pizza
Spaghetti Saucepan + Tomato + Pasta + Spiceleaf
Tomatoes to Spaghetti
Spring Salad Cutting Board + Lettuce + Tomato + Mixing Bowl
Tomatoes to Spring Salad
Stuffed Pepper Bakeware + Bell Pepper + Tomato + Rice
Tomatoes to Stuffed Pepper
Tomato Soup Pot + Tomato + Stock
Tomatoes to Tomato Soup
Vegetarian Lettuce Wrap Cutting Board + Cucumber + Lettuce + Tomato
Tomatoes to Vegetarian Lettuce Wrap
Zucchini Bake Bakeware + Zucchini + Tomato + Toast + Corn + Cheese
Tomatoes to Zucchini Bake
BBQ Pulled Pork Cutting Board + Cooked Pork + Toast + Tomato + Spiceleaf
Okra Creole Skillet + Okra + Garlic + Tomato + Bellpepper + Onion + Spiceleaf

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