Starfruits are fruits that grow from a Starfruit Tree. The tree appears as a jungle tree of oak or birch size, the fruits themselves appearing hanging from the leaves. Initially, when the tree spawns with world generation or from a Starfruit Sapling, the fruits will be un-grown and small, also being very hard to break with most/all tools. Given enough time, the fruit will grow to full size and break with a single hit with the fist or any in-game item. The fruit, just like an apple or any other fruit from HarvestCraft, can be eaten directly to restore hunger, but can be combined with other items to make more filling foodstuffs.

Crafting Recipies:

None of these crafting recipes require any specific pattern or special crafting stations. Just throw them all together in a crafting bench and enjoy, though as usual, recipes that require more than one of a specific item have to be placed separately.

Starfruit + Jungle Sapling = Starfruit Sapling

Cutting Board + 2 Starfruit + Mixing Bowl = Fruit Salad

Starfruit + Juicer + Starfruit Juice

Starfruit + Juicer + Snowball = Starfruit Smoothie

Starfruit + Plain Yoghurt = Starfruit Yoghurt

Starfruit + Sugar + Juicer = Fruit Punch

Saucer + Starfruit + Sugar + Juicer = Starfruit Jelly