Spice Leaf

Spice Leaf

Empty Grid
Grid Spice Leaf
Type Plant
Name Spice Leaf
Stackable Yes (64)
Category Spice

Spice Leaf can be found when harvesting Soggy and Shaded Gardens. Soggy Gardens are found in colder biomes such as taigas and swamps. Shaded Gardens are found in mild temperature biomes like forest, birch forest, and roofed forest.


A Spice Leaf Seed can be crafted by placing a single Spice Leaf in a crafting grid. Alternatively, seeds may be purchased through the Market. Either the seeds or the item itself may be planted on tilled farmland. When fully grown, right-clicking the plant will harvest 1-4 Spice Leaf and allow the plant to regrow. Breaking the plant will drop the same items.

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Spice Leaf
Spice Leaf Seed


In most recipes, Spice Leaf can be substituted for Mustard Seeds, Curry Powder and Ginger. It can be combined with other ingredients to create: