Scallion is a ground vegetable. One Scallion restores half a hunger bar.
Scallion Growth

Left: planted Scallion; Right: harvestable Scallion

ScallionSeed Recipe

Crafting a Scallion seed.


Scallions can be planted directly on tilled dirt, or crafted into Scallion seeds and then planted on tilled dirt. Harvesting the Scallion is done by breaking it.


Recipes Using Scallions
Recipe Name Ingredients Picture of Crafting Recipe Notes
Stock (x3) Pot + Mixing Bowl + Bone or any Meat or Firm Tofu or any Vegetable
Stock Recipe
Ginger Chicken Saucepan + Raw Chicken or Firm Tofu + Ginger + Scallion + Honey
GingerChicken Recipe
Scallion Baked Potato Baked Potato + Scallion + Heavy Cream or Silken Tofu
ScallionBakedPotato Recipe
Mixed Salad Cutting Board + Mixing Bowl + any Vegetable + any Vegetable + Salad Dressing
MixedSalad Recipe
Garden Soup Pot + Mixing Bowl + Stock + any Vegetable + any Vegetable
GardenSoup Recipe
Kimchi Pot + Salt + Cabbage + Garlic + Ginger + Radish + Scallion + Spiceleaf + Sesame Seed