Rice growing

Rice fully grown in water.

Rice is a staple crop that can be used to make Flour, as well as being part of several recipes. Rice is found in Water Gardens. Rice is a re-harvestable crop, right click the fully grown crop to harvest it safely. Left-clicking will destroy the crop and will NOT return a rice plant.

Prior to version 1.10.2, rice could only be planted in water. The block below the water had to be dirt, and you had to aim at the dirt below the water to plant the rice on top of the water.

In some versions, you have to till the soil and then right click with a shovel to get a different looking tilled dirt. You can then use a bucket of water to cover nine of these special farmlands (3x3 area).

Note: on Space Astronomy... I could not get rice to grow until I placed it in water by clicking on the sand beneath it. no tilling or dirt just sand on bottom and water on top.

Name of Recipe Ingredients Picture
Flour Rice + Mortar and Pestle
Flour rice
Rice Cake put Rice in a Furnace
Rice Soup

Pot + Rice + Stock

Fried Rice

Skillet + Rice + Carrot + Egg or Firm Tofu + Onion + Mixing Bowl

Mushroom Risotto

Bakeware + Rice + any Mushroom + Onion + Cheese + Mixing Bowl


Saucepan + Rice + Salt + Chili Pepper + Coconut Milk + Spiceleaf + Mixing Bowl

Beans and Rice

Pot + Bean + Rice + Onion or Bell Pepper or Chili Pepper + Cooked Porkchop or Firm Tofu + Mixing Bowl

Stuffed Pepper

Bakeware + Bell Pepper + Tomato + Rice

Veggie Stir Fry

Skillet + Bell Pepper + Carrot + Rice + Onion + Bean or Chili Pepper or any Mushroom + Mixing Bowl

Chicken Curry

Pot + Coconut + Plain Yogurt + Raw Chicken or Firm Tofu + Spiceleaf + Chili Pepper + Rice + Ground Cinnamon + Garlic

Orange Chicken

Saucepan + Mixing Bowl + Orange + Raw Chicken or Firm Tofu+ Sugar + Rice + Broccoli

Orange chicken
Cashew Chicken Saucepan + Raw Chicken + Cashew + Rice + Any Pepper (Bellpepper, Chilipepper)
General Tso Chicken Skillet + Raw Chicken + Broccoli + Sugar + Flour + Chilipepper + Rice

Cutting Board + any Fish or Firm Tofu + Seaweed + Rice

California Roll Cutting Board + Raw Fish + Seaweed + Rice + Avocado + Cucumber
Bamboo Steamed Rice Pot + Rice + Bamboo
Futomaki Cutting Board + Boiled Egg + Cucumber + Winter Squash + Radish + Seaweed + Ginger + Rice
Manjuu Mixing Bowl + Rice + Sugar + Beans
Mochi Mortar&Pestle + Rice + Sugar + Water
Dim Sum Pot + Rice + Dough + Water Chestnut + Any Mushroom + Any Raw Meat

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