Raw Beef

Raw Beef

Empty Grid
Grid Raw Beef
Type Food
Name Raw Beef
ID Name minecraft:beef
Stackable Yes (64)
Restore 1 (Half Hunger.png)
1 (Half Saturation.png)
Category Raw Ingredient

Raw Beef is a vanilla Minecraft food item that restores 1 hunger (0.5 shanks) and 1 saturation.

The vegetarian alternative to Raw Beef is Raw Tofeak which was added in 1.10 otherwise Firm Tofu will substitute in 1.7.10.

The ground alternative to Raw Beef is Ground Beef.



Cows drop Raw Beef upon being killed. Cows can be either found naturally throughout the world or spawn eggs can be bought in the Market.

Ground TrapEdit

Beef can also be produced using the Animal Trap with Grain Bait .

Uses Edit


Putting Raw Beef in a furnace will produce Steak.


Raw Beef can be combined with other Ingredients to create: