Plums can be obtained from harvesting plums that grow on a Plum Tree.

You can harvest Fruit by right-clicking the ripe Fruit block.

Usage Edit

Name Ingredints Image Hunger Points Restored
Mince Pie Bakeware + Steak/Firm Tofu + Plum + Chestnut/Almond/Pistachio/Cashew/Peanut/Walnut/Pecan + Dough + Butter 12
Fruit Crumble Bakeware + Plum + Ground Cinnamon + Flour + Butter 8
Fruit Salad Cutting Board + Plum X2 7
Fruit Punch Juicer + Plum + Honey/Sugar 6
Plum Sapling Plum + Oak Sapling N/A
Plum Yogurt Plum + Plain Yogurt 8
Plum Smoothie Juicer + Snowball + Plum
Plum Jelly Saucepan + Sugar/Honey + Plum

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