Pears are a fruit that grow on trees that can be used to make various foods.


You farm pears by finding a wild growing tree, collecting it's pears when they become ripe. They're ripe when they are
Pear Tree Sypheryoshi

A Pear Tree with Full-Grown Pears

big and can be one-shotted. Combining a pear and an oak sapling will create a Pear Sapling. Pear growth can be accelerated using bonemeal.


Pear Crafting Recipes
Recipe Name Ingredients Picture of Recipe
Pear Yogurt Pear + Plain Yogurt
Pear yogurt
Poached Pear Saucepan + Mixing Bowl + Pear + Vanilla + Sugar
Poached pear
Pear Smoothie Juicer + Snowball + Pear
Pear Jelly Saucepan + Sugar/Honey + Pear