Lemon Shelf Sypheryoshi

Lemons on a Shelf

Lemons are a tree growing fruit.


There are three ways to farm lemons. The first way is to find a naturally generated lemon tree in a jungle biome and use it to farm lemons by waiting for the lemons to ripen, then harvesting. The second way to farm lemons is to use bonemeal on the ground until you get your own lemon sapling and planting it, growing it, and harvesting just as you would a natural tree. The third way is to combine a lemon with a jungle sapling, plant it, and harvesting the tree like you would a natural tree.


-Crafting- Lemon Sapling

Lemon Sapling Recipe

To make a Lemon Sapling you need

  • A Jungle Sapling
  • A Lemon
Lemon Crafting Recipes
Recipe Name Ingredients Picture of Recipe
Lemonade Lemon + Juicer
Lemon Bar Sugar + Dough + Lemon + Bakeware
Lemon bar
Fish Dinner Flour + Lemon + Raw Fish or Firm Tofu + Mayo + Skillet
Fish dinner
Lemon Smoothie Lemon + Snowball + Juicer
Lemon smoothie
Lemon Meringue Lemon + Dough + Sugar + Heavy Cream or Silken Tofu + Bakeware
Lemon meringue
Candied Lemon Sugar + Lemon + Saucepan
Candied lemon
Lemon Chicken Lemon + Raw Chicken or Firm Tofu + Butter + Bakeware
Lemon chicken
Lemon Yogurt Lemon + Plain Yogurt
Lemon yogurt
Lemon Jelly Lemon + Juicer + Sugar + Saucepan
Lemon jelly
Lemon Jelly Sandwich Lemon Jelly + Peanut Butter + Bread + Cutting Board
Lemon jelly sandwich
Lemon-Lime Soda Bubbly Water + Pot + Lemon + Sugar + Lime Juice
Combustable Lemon Lemon + Gunpowder x5
Combustable lemon
Fruit Punch Sugar + any Fruit + Juicer
Fruit Salad Cutting Board + any Fruit x2 + Mixing Bowl
Fruit Crumble Bakeware + any Fruit + Ground Cinnamon + Flour + Butter

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