Ginger is one of the many crops found in HarvestCraft. Like most crops, it is classified as an Unfulfilling Morsel , and will restore 1 point of Hunger (0.5 Shank) when eaten. When harvesting Ginger, you can break the plant with a left click or harvest to allow the plant to regrow with a right click. Ginger can replace Spice Leaf , Mustard Seeds and Curry Powder .


Found in Tropical Gardens or seeds can be purchased throught the Market

Uses Edit

Ginger can be combined with other ingredients to create Chicken Curry , Kimchi , Paneer Tikka Masala , Kung Pao Chicken , Chicken Gumbo , Futo Maki , Random Taco , Okra Creole , Curry Rice , Ginger Bread , Gingered Rhubarb Tart , Veggie Strips , Five Spice , Sweet and Sour Sauce , Ginger Chicken , Chorizo , Pepperoni , Ginger Snaps , Ginger Ale , Pork Sausage , Sausage , and Candied Ginger