Gardens are the primary method of collecting crops for farming. They are a worldgen block that has a chance to drop from a few of the listed items when broken. They are stackable items. They spread over time in a manner similar to mushrooms in vanilla Minecraft.

Gardens are now picked up by clicking on them while crouching or can be harvested by breaking the block.

Garden SpreadEdit

As stated above, gardens can spread to the blocks around them over time. The rate of spread can be changed in the config file. Gardens can spread up to 3 blocks away from their own (a 7x7 area around the original, as well as one block above/below them), and gardens will not spread if there are 5 or more of the same type of garden in this 7x7 space. This means that when farming gardens, you should keep the same type of garden away from each other so more can grow, but pack together different types because they do not hinder each others growth (so long as the 7x7 has free space for more to spread, of course).

As of version 1.8.9, gardens have changed from what is in detail described further below. There are now only 6 different garden types:

Previous VersionsEdit

Anything listed below only applies to versions 1.7.10 and before

HarvestCraft 1.7

HarvestCraft 1.7.10 Tutorials - Gardens!

HarvestCraft 1.7.10 Tutorials - Gardens!

Berry GardenEdit


Berry Garden

Berry Gardens are found in temperate biomes, such as Plains, Forests, and Mountains.

Desert GardenEdit


Desert Garden

Desert Gardens are found in drier biomes, such as Deserts, Mesas, and Savannahs.

Gourd GardenEdit


Gourd Garden

Gourd Gardens are found in temperate biomes, such as Plains, Forests, and Mountains.

Grass GardenEdit


Grass Garden

Grass Gardens are found in Plains and Forests.

Ground GardenEdit


Ground Garden

Ground Gardens are found in Forests, Taigas, and Mountains.

Herb GardenEdit


Herb Garden

Herb Gardens are mostly found in temperate Forests.

Leafy GardenEdit


Leafy Garden

Leafy Gardens are found in Mountains and temperate Forests.

Mushroom GardenEdit


Mushroom Garden

Mushroom Gardens are found growing on fallen logs in Forests.

Stalk GardenEdit


Stalk Garden

Stalk Gardens are found in temperate Forests.

Textile GardenEdit


Textile Garden

Textile Gardens are found in Temperate Forests and Tropical Jungles.

Tropical GardenEdit


Tropical Garden

Tropical Gardens are found in warmer areas, such as Savannahs, Jungles, and Swamps.

Water GardenEdit


Water Garden

Water Gardens are found floating on the surface of large bodies of water, such as Oceans and Swamps.


Right clicking on the block above the water allows placement of the water garden onto the water.

Note, water gardens cannot be placed directly onto water like the crops that they give can, water gardens must be placed either onto grass like other gardens, or they may be placed on top of water indirectly from right clicking on an adjacent block to the surface of the water.

Attempting to place the water garden directly into the water will destroy the garden.

Additionally, water gardens can spread from land onto water.