Firm Tofu

Firm Tofu

Empty Grid
Grid Firm Tofu
Type Food
Name Firm Tofu
ID Name harvestcraft:firmtofuitem
Stackable Yes (64)
Restore 2 (Hunger.png)
5 (Half Saturation.pngSaturation.pngSaturation.png)
Category Tofu

Firm Tofu is an Ingredient that can create meat substitutes. 

In 1.7.10, Firm Tofu could be substituted for many of the vanilla meats (Beef, chicken, pork)

In 1.10, Firm Tofu can only be used to craft meat substitutes.


Ingredients Pressing recipe
Presser + Silken Tofu
Presser GUI.gif
Silken Tofu
Firm Tofu
Soy Milk

Uses Edit

Firm Tofu can be combined with other ingredients to create mostly meat-subtitute food: