Dragonfruit is a tree growing fruit.

Dragonfruit tree

It restores 3/4 of a hunger point.


There are three ways to farm dragonfruit. The first way is to find a naturally generated dragonfruit and use it to farm dragonfruit by waiting for the dragonfruit to ripen, then harvesting. The second way to farm dragonfruit is to use bonemeal on the ground until you get your own dragonfruit sapling and planting it, growing it, and harvesting just as you would a natural tree. The third way is to combine a dragonfruit with a jungle sapling, plant it, and harvesting the tree like you would a natural tree.


Name of Recipe Ingredients Picture
Fruit Punch Sugar + any Fruit + Juicer
Fruit punch

Dragonfruit Fruit punch recipe

Fruit Salad Cutting Board + any Fruit x2 + Mixing Bowl
Fruit salad

Dragonfruit Fruit Salad

Fruit Crumble Bakeware + any Fruit + Ground Cinnamon + Flour + Butter *not working