Date Tree

A fruit that grows on palm-type trees with jungle wood and leaves

Farming Edit

Find a wild date tree and harvest dates by right-clicking. If they aren't ripe you can right-click with bone meal to speed them up. Combine a jungle sapling with dates in a crafting matrix to get date saplings. Plant in your own orchard.

Uses Edit

Name Recipe Crafting Hunger Healed
Bacon Wrapped Dates Bakeware + Date + Cooked Porkchop
Bacon Wrapped Dates a
Bacon Wrapped Dates Bakeware + Date + Firm Tofu
Bacon Wrapped Dates b
Date Nut Bread Bakeware + Date + Dough + Any Nut
Date Nut Bread
Fruit Crumble Bakeware + Date + Ground Cinnamon + Flour + Butter
Fruit Crumble-1441577996
Fruit Punch Date + Sugar + Juicer
Fruit Punch-3
Fruit Salad Cutting Board + 2 Dates + Mixing Bowl
Fruit Salad-3
Mince Pie Bakeware + Steak + Date + Any Nut + Dough + Butter
Mince Pie-1441577711

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