Curry Leaf Growth

Curry Leaf Growth

Curry Leaf are Vegetables that comes from Tropical Gardens (1.7.10) or Tropical Gardens (1.9.4). When eaten, it restores 1 hunger point (or 0.5 drumsticks). You can purchase Curry Leaf through the Market.

Farming Edit

Placing a Curry Leaf in the crafting grid gives you a Curry Leaf Seed.

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Curry Leaf
Curry Leaf Seed

To farm the Curry Leaf, you plant and grow the seeds (or the Curry Leaf itself) on tilled soil, once they're fully grown you can right-click them, harvest the Curry Leaf and let them grow again. When harvested by right-click, the plant doesn't break, and yields 1-3 Curry Leaves.

Usage Edit

Shapeless Crafting

Curry Leaf combined with a Mortar and Pestle creates an Ingredient called Curry Powder.

Curry Powder is used to make a great many dishes.