Cooking Oil

Cooking Oil

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Grid Cooking Oil
Type Ingredients
Name Cooking Oil
ID Name harvestcraft:oliveoilitem
Stackable Yes (64)

Cooking Oil is a basic ingredient used in many foods and can be crafted in multiple ways. Before 1.10, Cooking Oil was required to be in the Oven to cook foods. Now a furnace can smelt foods.


Crafting TableEdit

Place Sesame Oil in Crafting table.


Place Olives , Sunflower Seeds , Walnuts, or any two Seeds with a Juicer. Note that in the latter case, the two Seeds must be in separate slots.

Olive to Oil

Olive to Oil Via Juicer


Place Grape Seeds, Cotton Seeds, Mustard Seeds , Sunflower Seeds or Pumpkin Seeds in a Presser

Uses Edit

Cooking Oil can be combined with other ingredients to create the following: