Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree

Cherries are a fruit grown from a tree.


The first way is to find a naturally generated cherry tree and use it to farm cherries by waiting for the cherry to ripen, then harvesting. They are usually found in forests (birch forest, forest, etc.) You can right-click on a ripened fruit to harvest.

The second way is to combine cherry(s) and a sapling

1.9.4 and newer: Combine three (3) cherries with ANY vanilla sapling and plant as you would a normal tree.

1.7.10 and Older: Combine one cherry and an oak sapling to receive a cherry sapling that can be planted as a normal sapling in the world.

Bonemeal can be used on unripe fruit to ripen and to grow the saplings quicker. Do not break the fruit on the tree (use left-click) as it destroys the fruit permanently.


Cherries can be eaten as is to fill 1 hunger (half a shank) with no saturation effect.

Cherries can be combined with other Ingredients to create: