Wild Candleberry

Candleberries are an alternative source of Wax that is much faster to obtain than Beeswax (although they do not provide Honey). Despite being a berry, it cannot be eaten.

Version 1.11.2: Candleberry seeds can only be obtained from the Market

Version 1.7.10 and older: They can be obtained by breaking Berry Gardens.

Candleberry Seed can be dropped from Grass is a config option.

Farming Edit

Placing a Candleberry in the crafting grid gives you a Candleberry Seed

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Candleberry Seed

To farm the Candleberries, you plant and grow the seeds (or the Candleberry itself) on tilled soil, once they're fully grown you can right-click them, harvest the Candleberry and let it grow again. When harvested by right-click, the plant doesn't break, and yields 1-3 Candleberries.

Usage Edit

Shapeless Crafting Edit