Bean Seed is an item added by the Pam's HarvestCraft mod. It can be obtained from Beans, by breaking Grass or by breaking a Stalk Garden if gardens are configured to drop seeds. (Update 1.7.10Lb changed this to drop beans from Stalk Gardens instead of the seeds when left default) It can be planted on Farmland to grow a Bean Crop.

Restores 1 hunger point when eaten raw.

Recipes Edit

Stock = Pot + Beans

Beans and Rice  =  Pot + Cooked Pork or Firm Tofu + Beans + Rice + Onion/Bellpepper/Chilipepper

Baked Beans  =  Pot + Beans + Cooked Pork or Firm Tofu + Sugar+Mixing Bowl

Beans on Toast  =  Cutting Board + Toast + Butter + Baked Beans

Chili  =  Pot + Steak or Firm Tofu + Beans + Onion/Bellpepper/Chilipepper

Sesame Ball = Pot + Sesame Seeds + Cooking Oil + Bean + Sugar + Flour

Refried Beans = Skillet + Beans + Onion + Butter+Mixing Bowl

Manjuu = Mixing Bowl + Rice + Sugar + Beans

Bean Burrito= Bean+Cheese+Rice+Tortilla+Skillet

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