Apples may occasionally drop from normal oak leaves. They restore two points of hunger.


Combine three apples with an oak sapling in the crafting grid to create an apple tree, this sapling will grow into a small oak tree with unripe apples hanging from its underside. Destroying these will not give any yields, as they are not meant to be harvested this way. Wait until these apples are large and bright red, then right click them to harvest them like other crops.

The main purpose of these tree crops is to provide an easy way to obtain apples without requiring one to farm many oak trees for perhaps only a couple of apples.


Recipes Using Apples
Recipe Name Ingredients Picture of Crafting Recipe Notes
Apple Cider Pot + Sugar + Apple
Apple Cider
Apple Jelly Apple + Sugar + Juicer + Saucepan
Apple jelly

apple jelly recipe

Restores 3 hunger
Apple Juice Apple + Juicer
Apple juice

apple juice

Restores 2.5 hunger
Apple Smoothie Juicer + Snowball + Apple
Apple Pie Apple + Sugar + Dough + Bakeware
Apple pie

apple pie recipe

Restores 4 hunger
Apple Sauce Mixing Bowl + Pot + Apple
Apple sauce

apple sauce

Restores 3 hunger
Apple Yogurt Plain Yogurt + Apple
Apple yogurt

apple yogurt recipe

Restores 1 hunger
Baked Ham Bakeware + Raw Pork/Firm Tofu + Apple + Sugar
Baked Ham
Caramel Apple Stick + Caramel  + Apple
Caramel apple

caramel apple recipe

Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal Mixing Bowl + Oats + Ground Cinnamon + Apple
Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal
Fruit Crumble Bakeware + Apple + Ground Cinnamon + Flour + Butter
Fruit Crumble-1
Fruit Punch Apple + Sugar + Juicer
Fruit Punch
Restores 3 hunger
Fruit Salad 2x Apple + Cutting Board + Mixing Bowl
Fruit Salad
Restores 3 hunger
Mince Pie Bakeware + Steak + Apple + Any Nut + Dough + Butter
Mince Pie-2
Ploughman's Lunch Cutting Board + Bread + Apple + Cheese + Sweet Pickle + Onion + Cooked Pork + Boiled Egg

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