Almond is a tree crop, found or crafted just like any other. 

Almond saplings can be made using Jungle Saplings (and Jungle Saplings only), and an almond. The pattern is shapeless. 

Fresh Milk can be made by placing Almonds in a presser. 

Almond Butter can be made by putting an Almond and a Juicer on a crafting grid. Almond Butter may be used to substitute Peanut Butter in any recipe. 

Name Ingredients Image Hunger Replenished
Mince Pie Bakeware + Stake/Firm Tofu + Any Fruit + Almond +Dough + Butter
Trail Mix Almond X2 + Raisins + Chocolate Bar
Date Nut Bread Bakeware + Date + Dough + Almond
Almond Sapling Almond + Oak Sapling